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Need help fixing blinds or cleaning drapery to make it look new again? Shine-A-Blind has helped thousands of residential and commercial customers maintain their existing window coverings and the purchase of new ones. Call today: (604) 455-9974


Whether you need commercial cleaning for your blinds or window coverings or you need new ones, talk to Shine-A-Blind first.
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Window coverings are a key element in how your home presents itself. Broken and dirty blinds or drapes not only look bad, but can be unhealthy. Shine-A-Blind cleaning and repair services can help.
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Looking for new window coverings for your home or business? Shine-A-Blind has a large selection and knowledgable staff to help you make your selection.
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Whether you've just put off cleaning your home window coverings and need a hand, or its time for your company to do an annual deep cleaning, call Shine-A-Blind. We're experts in commercial and residential cleaning for blinds and draperies.
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If you've got window coverings that have been damaged due to an accident or just old age, or draperies that you love but have been worn or ripped call Shine-A-Blind. Our professionals can help ensure you're window coverings and drapes look new again.
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Maintaining the drapery in your house is a big job, and even bigger if you aren't sure what to do. Leave the tough work to Shine-A-Blind. We know fabrics and styles and how to maintain them so they last longer and look newer.
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Dry Cleaning

Ensure the correct process is used on your drapery is important. If you clean your drapes in regular laundry and they should have been dry cleaned you may be making a costly mistake. Leave the decision making to Shine-A-Blind, we guarantee our work.
Window covering services include dry cleaning
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