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Dry Cleaning For Drapery
Shine-A-Blind can clean any manner of drapery. Whether you need to get your curtains, drapery or sheers cleaned, we'll have them looking fresh and new. Even heavily pleated drapes can be cleaned and pressed back into the shape they were in when you first got them.
Hooks or No Hooks
Whether you have drapes hung directly on a rod or hooks sewn into them, Shine-A-Blind will take care of your drapes the correct way. Sometimes we may need to remove the hooks, clean and press your drapes and then sew them back in. Rest assured our professionals know what they're doing.
Dry Cleaning ?
It's time you knew what dry cleaning is. The reason it's called 'dry' cleaning is, not because it is dry, but because the process uses something other than water as a solvent. A solvent works better than water on oily stains, and most natural fibers would shrink or fade in water, but do not shrink or fade in a 'dry' solvent. Utilizing this process on your drapery ensures that the fabric itself isn't negatively impacted during the cleaning process.
Improve Air Quality
Cleaning your window coverings helps reduce allergens and improving air quality. Drapes and curtains act as filters trapping dirt, dust, pollen, and more, but with proper cleaning from Shine-A-Blind your draperies and curtains will look better, last longer and be healthier for you and your home.